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Update: What's Next For Me...

My last blog post was in February, and, as we all know, a lot has changed in the world since then. Many things I had planned were put on hold, the biggest one being The Bionics Saga, which was due to continue in 2019. Then life happened. I haven't given up on those characters or their story, so my very first goal for 2021 is to obviously—and finally—publish Ground 33.8.

Since I first pitched the series with 7 books in mind, that means there are 5 books I have yet to write. My hope is to complete the series by 2022. That would require publishing books 3-5 in 2021 and books 6-7 in 2022. If you've been following my journey for awhile, you're probably aware of how slow of a writer I am and just how many things I do between my hobbies and daily work. So I guess my other hope is that by writing this all down here, I can hold myself accountable for making it happen. Because as much as I do love the world of Caeshua, I also have many other ideas I want to explore. One, in particular, I am so excited to share with you someday soon. I just have to get through The Bionics Saga first before I bound myself to another adventure, you know?

Each book will definitely feature illustrated scenes by Javier Chavarria. That was a promise I made myself when I first started writing this series. As long as he is willing to stay on for this project, I will be sticking with him. In the future I would love to release a small concept art book for the series, featuring his work in color. I think they're a cool reference for the characters and the realms I've written for them. I'm a fan of my own books, of course, so I find the idea of a concept art book amazing. I'll definitely put it on the roster for 2022. You can view some of the concept art here.

I also plan to continue with Fandom Kits, but on a much smaller scale since my fanbase is also small. I bit off a little more than I could chew with the Sanctum 92 Kits, so I'm still learning as I go. Keep an eye on my Instagram for future info on this and what I plan to do, but there definitely will be one for G338.

With all this said, I don't have a release date for G338. I just know that I will be publishing it in 2021, come hell or high water. I'm always plotting and full of many surprises—I'm honestly winging my way through this author gig and you are all very, very kind spectators. Thank you for waiting.


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