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The Bleeding Heart Series Has a New Look

HERE'S A COVER REVEAL! Or I guess a cover revamp x2? I began writing and publishing this series in 2012, nearly a decade ago. I’ve learned so much since then, and these books have bounced around publishers before finally returning to me in 2017. I left them alone and kind of forgot about them as I moved on to writing the Bionics Saga, but recently I looked at the covers on my shelves and thought, “Those aren’t my characters.”

I self-published at a time when it was still new and “taboo” to do so. Again, nearly a decade ago. Representation in YA fiction—especially in fantasy, especially in the self-published community— was almost nonexistent, or at least very hard to find. When my very first covers were made for this series, I asked my then designer to find photos of brown models that fit best, because my characters were always described that way. But as you can imagine, that was equally hard to find as an Indie author.

Others found a workaround by darkening the model’s skin tone in their stock photos, but I hated the idea of “digital blackface,” so I settled for the designer changing the models on my covers to the color of the cover.

Orange. Green. Blue. Purple. I was 15, I had no budget, but I figured if the characters on the covers had blue and orange skin like the backgrounds they were placed on, readers wouldn’t be able to assume their skin tone until they read the book. That was definitely the case, but it wasn’t something I was ever 100% happy with.

Fast forward 9 years and I’ve decided not to neglect this series. At least, not as much. Just enough to give them one final cover revamp that better reflects the story and the characters. This series has been through so many changes, but I’m most happy about this one.

Thank you to the amazing Hang Le for putting in so much time and effort to create such beautiful work. 💜

If you enjoy angst, love triangles, female gladiators, and adventure, then maybe this series is for you. Book 1 is free to read on Amazon Kindle.


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